Saturday, October 17, 2009

Contest @ Galena a Success!

Tonight, Saturday, Oct. 17th, the Cougar Band presented a fabulous performance at Galena High. The band earned "caption awards" (first place) for Class AAA in General Effect, Visual Performance, Percussion, and Color Guard. The band received the following scores:
  • 30.5 - Effect Music & Visual
  • 12.95 - Music Individual & Ensemble
  • 14.05 - Visual Individual & Ensemble
  • 16.4 - Percussion
  • 15.5 - Auxiliary (Color Guard)
  • 73.45 - TOTAL
This total score - 73.45 - was the second highest score of the entire contest.
The percussion score was only "1-point" behind the McQueen percussion score and second highest of the show! Congrats to the students and percussion staff (Mr. Wilfon and Liz Cruz).
The Guard received the second highest score of the evening as well. Great job ladies and Laura Peltier; your hard work each zero period is really paying off.

I am proud and pleased with what we have accomplished together for the Cougar Band and SSHS. With planning and hard work, we will continue to hone the "Watches of the Night" into an entertaining musical and visual package that will score well at Carson, UNR, and Fairfield, CA.

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