Monday, September 28, 2009

Show "Ballad" DRILL Finished!

So much has happened since my last Blog! I bought a house and moved to Spanish Springs (whew!), wrote the "Ballad" Drill for the second movement of the field show "Watches of the Night", the Cougar Jazz Band performed in the halls of SSHS, the band performed at two home football games, the boosters created amazing "Clock Numbers" for use in the field show, and much more!

Go Cougar Band!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Show Opener - Drill Finished

Mr. Cowee had his creative thinking cap on Saturday morning as we created the rest of the drill for the show opener "Darkness Falls". With this ready to go for Monday evening, the band is poised to make major strides forward this coming week. The goal is to finish the opener on Monday and Thursday evenings. Saturday Rehearsal (9am-3pm) will be all about putting the Ballad (middle tune) on the field.

Go Cougard Band!

Game #2 in the Can

The second home football game of the 2009 season was a success as a marching band performance and football game. The team beat Reno! A great step forward for the Cougar Team...and the band performed the entire "Darkness Falls" movement of "Watches of the Night". There was a great positive vibe in the stands from fans, parents, and students. The night was a total success.

Thanks to all the parents that help with pit, uniforms, and FOOD. The post-game food was great!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Car Show - Go Go Go!

The SSHS Administration has given the GO GO GO to the fundraiser:

Charity Car Show sponsored by Gilson Auto on Sat. 10/24.

Let's raise $thousands!

Under Construction...

The Cougar Band is Under Construction in several areas: the Opener, the Drill, the Pit, and Uniforms.

The Opener - first part of the field show music - is getting prepared for the second Home Football game this coming Friday, Sept. 18th.

The Drill - Mr. Cowee and Mr. Reynolds are working to get the drill finished.

The Pit - cymbal racks are partially installed and cymbals, bags, and more is on the way.

Uniforms - Guard uniforms are IN - Yea!, also - all MTX marching shoes, gloves, and Drum Major gauntlets/gloves!

T-Shirts and Caps - designs are finalized, Purchase Order processed...printing soon...then we get 'em!

There is an endless list of needs and wishes for the Cougar Band.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Winning Game for Band

The Cougar Band has a job: help the team win. A triumvirate of cheer, band, and football team created a dynamic stands atmosphere that stimulated unanimous celebration on and off the field during the game. The winning conclusion of the score made the night a total success. Go Cougars!

The band looked good, played well, and had fun. Thanks to all the parents that made it possible: food, uniforms, chaperon, pit crew, and fans. :-)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shaw MS Band in Transition

Shaw Middle School is on the search for a new band director after years of success under the baton of Martha O'Neill. Ms. O'Neill has accepted the honor of administering a grant that will benefit the students of WCSD.

In the Mail

The Cougar Band will soon have new shoes, gloves, color guard uniforms, flag material, and more.

All these items are in the mail to SSHS right now. It will be great to outfit the band with new items for a new era of excellence in performance.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rolling Down the Highway

Today major work was accomplished on the ROLLING Pit Percussion instruments. Thanks to all the students, staff and Mr. Lord for helping get the pit rolling down the highway with pumped-up tires. Special thanks to Miranda and Sara L for spending a couple of hours on the floor inflating and checking the pressure on each tire.

A big thanks to Kirk, maintenance staff member, for welding cymbal rack support bars onto xylophone, vibraphone, and marimba instruments. These bars were pre-cut by the ultimate volunteer: MEL.

Soon the pit will have cymbals mounted on each perfectly rolling instrument. Pit instructor LIZ is getting the actual cymbal order ready. Go Cougars!

Cougar Jazz

The Jazz cats are in the groove. With so many interested students, the first week of school involved narrowing the field of players (especially saxes and rhythm) to a manageable number.

Now Cougar Jazz Cats are working on funk, rock, swing, and shuffle charts in preparation for a great season of jazz performances. A solid rhythm section is the foundation of a good jazz ensemble; we have a section that will be rock solid in time. (pun intended)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Forward, March!

Now that week one is behind us - and two relaxing fun days (water skiing, walks, picnics, watching 24) have allowed me to recover my senses - I am thrilled to march forward with a renewed sense of energy into the season beginning with week two of the school year.

So many awesome things are happening to make the Cougar Band a success in 2009: preliminary work on a car show fundraiser, early planning for a spring tour, additional drill writing, construction of pit percussion cymbal racks, prop creation, and much more.

I received many positive comments from faculty and school administration after the first public performance of the Cougar Band at the all-school assembly held in Cougar Stadium on Friday, September 4th. The band performed exciting music throughout the event including Zuit Suit Riot, Pick Up the Pieces (Uh-Huh!), and Cougar Fight Song.

Orders in progress: Shirts, Shoes, Gloves, Flag Material, ....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Making Plans

The Booster Meeting was a success. Many motivated parents shared ideas about fundraising, props for the field show, Spring Tour (to that magic kingdom), food, uniforms, and band contests. Details of the home game were discussed including some "new" procedures/expectations.

I went home pleased that the booster parents were so motivated to achieve success by creating an environment of Excellence for the Cougar Band. It is undeniable that the year will be a huge success with this level of motivated parent volunteerism.