Saturday, October 24, 2009

Car Show a HUGE Success!

Great weather, great people (about 600), great music, DJ, boosters, food, and lots of prizes were all the many parts of a very successful day for the Cougar Band. There are too many people to thank : Lynn, Deonna, Deb, Earl, Brigit, Angie, many - and, of course, Gilbert, Craig, Sonny, Rich...the list goes on! Thanks to all!

All three Drum Majors, the many kids that hustled all day doing a thousand things including loading, setting up, cleaning up, selling, promoting, performing, etc.

Wow! A total success on many levels. The Spring Tour is now a major step toward reality. Next steps include presenting a draft of the budget and itinerary. These have been already developed; just a bit more work and a formal proposal can be made the SSHS Administration.

Thanks, everyone. Thank God.


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