Sunday, February 28, 2010

There is Something in the Air

This morning I tipped the blinds to illuminate the living room and was pleased to see bright sunshine! Spring? A few minutes later I glanced through another window to see thick fog! Bright, but visibility at 20-feet. Not long after that there were bits of bright blue breaking through. Spring is only a few weeks away!

This has me feeling something in the air...? My mind started putting together pieces of recent events and making leaps into the future. I have recently met with potential staff members for the Fall marching season, the Band Dance - with students from many band programs, the upcoming Spring Tour (Disneyland!) all started to roll pleasantly into a theme: another exciting season of marching band is coming.

I am the first to love concert season, but the marching season holds a special potential for getting the band-juices flowing. The Cougar Marching Band has a great season ahead in 2010 for several reasons. First, there will not be another change on the directors podium. (The current seniors deserve applause for breaking-in four directors during their SSHS years: Lopez, Lewis, Bartrum, Reynolds.) Second, the marching program will be carefully planned and executed both musically and visually. Third, the student leadership and marching staff component will be highly engaged prior to the season to ensure the most productive use of time during band camp and rehearsals. Lastly, the directors hosting marching contests have agreed to use the same judging procedures (rules, number of judges, etc.) resulting in a better opportunity for success in competition.

Overall, I awoke today to find that the marching season is calling louder as each week passes and the days continue to have more minutes of sunshine. This morning was a particularly loud call to select the music, hire the staff, and seriously plan for success in Fall 2010 on the marching field!

There is something in the air: excitement for a great season of intense music, success in competition, and Cougar Pride on the marching field in Fall 2010. Spring is coming. March is a busy month with the annual Zone Concert (3/11), Pre-Festival Concert (3/18), and Concert Band Festival (3/25-26). April we begin to get serious about the Fall field show music to be presented at the Spring Concert in May...and there is the thrill of performing at Disneyland!

So here we go, cougars: Spring is here this month, a busy round of concerts is upon us in March, and the future is brighter with every passing day. Go Cougar Bands!

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