Monday, September 7, 2009

Forward, March!

Now that week one is behind us - and two relaxing fun days (water skiing, walks, picnics, watching 24) have allowed me to recover my senses - I am thrilled to march forward with a renewed sense of energy into the season beginning with week two of the school year.

So many awesome things are happening to make the Cougar Band a success in 2009: preliminary work on a car show fundraiser, early planning for a spring tour, additional drill writing, construction of pit percussion cymbal racks, prop creation, and much more.

I received many positive comments from faculty and school administration after the first public performance of the Cougar Band at the all-school assembly held in Cougar Stadium on Friday, September 4th. The band performed exciting music throughout the event including Zuit Suit Riot, Pick Up the Pieces (Uh-Huh!), and Cougar Fight Song.

Orders in progress: Shirts, Shoes, Gloves, Flag Material, ....

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