Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cougar Band Earns 91.5 at Carson

The Cougar Band was one of only two bands to receive a score in the 90's on Saturday, October 31st at the annual Nevada Day Championsihp at Carson High. The judges immediately understood the "passage of time" concept and enjoyed the effective display of pageantry. The ensemble sounds of the band have improved since the contest at Galena High; the judges rewarded the band accordingly.

Thanks to a dedicated group of volunteer parents the band was able to move all equipment to Carson and back to SSHS in a timely manner. The Cougar Band has an awesome parent booster group and talented design and technical staff. The success of the Cougar Band is due to this pool of wonderful volunteers and staff.

Highlights of the show performance included a very smooth "on and off" of the pit and props. Thanks Dads! Also, the excellent work of all three drum majors: getting "outside the box" (Michelle), leading/conducting/moving props (Stephanie), and conducting/playing-trombone (Quinton). The drum majors will continue to promote excellence - you can be sure - as the season moves forward. The staff provided excellence in preparation at SSHS and Carson.

It was a great pleasure to see the Cougar Band rewarded with a score placing them above all the other bands - including Elko, Douglas, Reed - excepting McQueen. We will keep building a better band. McQueen can see us in the we come.

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