Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Making a List, Checking it Twice

Another successful day was had by all at the SSHS Band Room prepping instruments, music, and uniforms for marching season 2009.

With the careful assistance of Ms. Cruz (drum instructor) the order for battery percussion was finalized. Hunter, Jerry, and Brandon kept very busy organizing the room, tuning timpani, fixing mallet carts, and much more. Stephanie and Lauren (Brandon, too) worked on brass and woodwind instruments. GG checked for detailed needs of woodwind instruments.

A highlight for me was spending quality time with both (!) principals and a quick meeting with the athletic director.

Stephanie went home with a wind score and Ms. Cruz a percussion (pit/battery) score. My confidence in the success of the 2009 marching season continues to grow as I witness first hand the willing support of students, parents, administrator, and staff. Go Cougars!

Mr. R

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